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6 Amazing Facts About our Teeth

We often don’t think about our teeth outside the short time each day we spend brushing and flossing. But in fact,

Our teeth tell the story of our lives

Scientists can tell several facts about us just from our teeth. For example, our teeth reveal our age, what we eat and drink, and even where on the planet we lived. Our teeth also indicate our overall health and give clues about a period of illness we may have suffered or times of great stress.

drawing of a tooth as a fairy

Every tooth is unique

No two teeth are exactly the same shape and size. Each individual tooth is much like a fingerprint, and your dental records can actually be used to confirm your identity.

We all have the same number of teeth (mostly)

In childhood we have 20 baby teeth, adulthood brings us 32 permanent teeth.

The blueprint of our teeth is present when we are born

The crowns of our baby teeth are already in place the day we are born. At about 3 to 6 months of age, baby teeth begin to break through the gums. Throughout childhood, the crowns and roots of adult teeth are already forming under the baby teeth.

Not even the Tooth Fairy escapes inflation

In the 1950s most children received 25 cents from the tooth fairy after placing a lost tooth under their pillow. In 1998, the tooth fairy’s generosity increased to $1.30. According to Fortune magazine, the average lost tooth receives about $3.70, while the first tooth that is lost is worth a bit more, averaging $4.96.

Toothpaste is older than toothbrushing tools

Scientists have found tooth-brushing tools dating back to 3500 to 3000 BCE. The Babylonians and the Egyptians frayed the end of a stick to create bristles the scrub their teeth clean. However, toothpaste dates back even further, to 5000 BCE invented by the Egyptians.

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