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7 Healthy Foods for Your Teeth

Good oral hygiene practices and regular visits to your dentist are essential for the health of your mouth. We all know how important it is to floss and brush regularly. But what about what we eat and drink? Are there foods that help keep your teeth and gums healthy? The answer is Yes! Below is a list of foods that are good for your teeth and gums.


Let’s start with the best one first. Chocolate that is 70% or higher in cacao (dark chocolate) is good for your teeth due to the compound CBH that helps harden tooth enamel. Tooth enamel helps to protect your teeth from tooth decay.

Family sitting at the dinner table, illustrating 7 healthy foods for your teeth


Fish, especially fatty fish is good for your teeth due to its high levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D is required for calcium absorption. Calcium protects your gums and mouth from disease.


We’ve all been told how important milk is for growing children to develop healthy bones and teeth. Milk is good for our teeth no matter what our age, as it protects and repairs tooth enamel by providing calcium and phosphorus.

Citrus Fruit

Citrus fruit contains high levels of vitamin C. Vitamin C is good for your gums as it strengthens blood vessels and connective tissue. If you already have gum disease, vitamin C will slow the progression by reducing inflammation.

Enjoy your citrus fruit, just remember to wait at least 30 minutes before you brush your teeth after eating.


Staying hydrated is very important for oral health. If you allow yourself to become dehydrated, your saliva will thicken and this is not good for the health of your mouth. Your saliva needs enough water to break down food. Adequately hydrated saliva also neutralizes the acid produced by the bacteria that are present in your mouth, which helps to prevent tooth decay.


Some people may be surprised to know that cheese is a kind of superfood for your teeth. Cheese combats acid in the mouth and as a result, prevents tooth decay. Cheese is also high in calcium and phosphate.


Green and black tea contain polyphenols, which kill or suppress the bacteria in our mouths that cause plaque. When we drink tea after a meal the benefits are increased as it prevents the bacteria already present in the mouth from proliferating.

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