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5 tips for your child’s first dentist visit

your child's first dentist visit can be fun

Some pediatricians check the child’s mouth during regular doctors visits, but not all doctors are trained in this area. Dentists are trained to identify issues in the jaw or soft palate. Because baby teeth are more susceptible to decay, it is important to visit a dentist regularly to ensure your child’s baby teeth remain healthy.

Below are five tips to help ensure your child has a successful first dentist visit:

  • Start early. After your child’s first dentist visit, at the first-tooth or first-year mark, start brushing their teeth regularly, using a soft-bristled toothbrush. The best way to create healthy habits is to start young and be consistent.
  • Talk about teeth. Children love learning about their bodies. Talk to them about their teeth. Read books. Sing songs about teeth. The more familiar your toddler is about teeth, the more comfortable he will be during his first dentist visit.
  • Be positive. Children are perceptive and often mirror our behavior. If we are relaxed, our child will also be relaxed about going to the dentist. Make visiting the dentist fun. The dentist can be an exciting outing, just like going to the park.
  • Get your child involved. The best way to approach toothbrushing is to make it a joint activity. Let your child learn how to use the toothbrush. Even though you will need to do the final job, encourage your child to practice the motions of toothbrushing.
  • Choose the right dental office for your child. Choose a dentist that you trust and has a caring and experienced staff. Some dentists may be qualified, but not necessarily child-friendly. Visiting the dentist shouldn’t be a traumatic experience for your child.

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