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Keep your kids teeth healthy during the holidays

For most kids, holidays meant lots of junk food and candy. While we want our children to enjoy the holiday season, we still want to keep their teeth healthy.

Here are a few tips from Colgate for keeping your children’s teeth and gums healthy despite the sugar intake.

Brush after eating a sugary treat— encourage your kids to brush or rinse their mouth immediately after that candy or cake.

Limit sugar time— stay away from hard candy or soda, and sweet snacks between meals. At the very least have your children rinse or brush after those snacks.

Make dessert a part of the meal— it is better to eat sugar as part of a balanced meal. Incorporate dessert instead of serving it last.

Make toothbrushing fun— buy your child his favorite colored toothbrush and colored floss.

Schedule a dentist visit— use vacation time to get in a trip to the dentist!

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